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:: Monday, February 27, 2006


As Singapore Idol fever hits town, star wannabes moan, gripe or sing praises on their blogs.

The hot issue today is the 'Singapore Idol' competition. Several people have written in their blogs about their anguish during the registration and auditions. They were made to stand in long queues under the scorching sun to await their turn to register for the competition. The wait literally drained most of the participants, some of whom had waited for more than 16 hours, of their enthusiasm and energy prior to the auditions. I wonder why Singaporeans are so desperate to be in the limelight. No provisions were made to accomodate the weather change. A kind co-host, Daniel Ong, personally contributed $100 to purchase two boxes of bottled water to be given to the waiting crowd.

I feel the entire episode was an attempt by producers in search of new faces to grace the show and increase viewership and not the question of talent and vocal prowess, for many who felt talented were opted out. In my opinion the organisers could have conducted the auditions over a few days by invitations through application and selective interviews. It was purely a manipulation of interests. the Digital Life (21 February 2006, p. 18)

Isabelle Dinoire, the Frenchwoman with the world's first face transplant, unveiled her new visage last week.

Isabelle Dinoire was mauled by her pet Labrador, underwent a 15 hour operation in November 2005, which was prided as the world's first face transplant. She lost half her face in the attack and received a new nose, lips and chin from a donor who had committed suicide.

She was a topic of dicussion for several bloggers. I feel disgusted over her chain smoking, even before regaining the use of her mouth thus burning her new lips in the process. I don't think that she deserved the transplant. I guess the bloggers are right. She should be thankful for being given a second chance to live. She could have stopped the smoking habit when she burnt her lips, but she didn't. I don't think she deserve the limelight attention for being chosen as a prime candidate for the world's first such transplant. She had neglected, for her own leisure, the painstaking 15 hour operation carried out by the surgeons. the Digital Life (14 February 2006, p. 14)


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