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:: Monday, February 27, 2006


This weblog has been created to introduce myself to the rapidly growing world of blogging.

My name is Sathia, and I was born on 29th December 1959 into a staunch Hindu family belonging to the Brahmin caste, as the second child in a family of 5.

I was educated in Saint Andrew's School and enlisted for National Service in 1979. Upon completion of my National Service, I joined a reputed multi-national investment arm and grew in ranks to become a senior bullion consultant.

In December 1984, I joined Singapore Airlines as a flight steward and after 21 years of service, am now a chief purser.

I married my lovely wife in August 1985, and we were blessed with 3 wonderful children: 2 girls aged 19 and 6, and a boy aged 7.

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As Singapore Idol fever hits town, star wannabes moan, gripe or sing praises on their blogs.

The hot issue today is the 'Singapore Idol' competition. Several people have written in their blogs about their anguish during the registration and auditions. They were made to stand in long queues under the scorching sun to await their turn to register for the competition. The wait literally drained most of the participants, some of whom had waited for more than 16 hours, of their enthusiasm and energy prior to the auditions. I wonder why Singaporeans are so desperate to be in the limelight. No provisions were made to accomodate the weather change. A kind co-host, Daniel Ong, personally contributed $100 to purchase two boxes of bottled water to be given to the waiting crowd.

I feel the entire episode was an attempt by producers in search of new faces to grace the show and increase viewership and not the question of talent and vocal prowess, for many who felt talented were opted out. In my opinion the organisers could have conducted the auditions over a few days by invitations through application and selective interviews. It was purely a manipulation of interests. the Digital Life (21 February 2006, p. 18)

Isabelle Dinoire, the Frenchwoman with the world's first face transplant, unveiled her new visage last week.

Isabelle Dinoire was mauled by her pet Labrador, underwent a 15 hour operation in November 2005, which was prided as the world's first face transplant. She lost half her face in the attack and received a new nose, lips and chin from a donor who had committed suicide.

She was a topic of dicussion for several bloggers. I feel disgusted over her chain smoking, even before regaining the use of her mouth thus burning her new lips in the process. I don't think that she deserved the transplant. I guess the bloggers are right. She should be thankful for being given a second chance to live. She could have stopped the smoking habit when she burnt her lips, but she didn't. I don't think she deserve the limelight attention for being chosen as a prime candidate for the world's first such transplant. She had neglected, for her own leisure, the painstaking 15 hour operation carried out by the surgeons. the Digital Life (14 February 2006, p. 14)


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Articles chosen from:

Belson, K, 2005, 'An MTV host moves to radio, giving voice to audible blogs', The New York Times, n.p.

Day,M,2005,'Web users aren't about to forsake the printed page', The Australian,
p. 22

An MTV Host Moves to Radio, Giving Voice to Audible Blogs

Ex MTV Host, Adam Curry, will produce and host a four hour programme on weekdays using software he developed that enables all MP3 users to receive the programme from 13 May on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Sirius subscribers will pay $12.95 monthly to listen to the show, "Adam Curry's Podshow", through "Talk Central" on Channel 148.

Podcasts - homemade digital audio files, will be uploaded by users to the Internet for MP3 listeners to download and store several hundred hours of program and music files which could be listened to, on demand.

Besides Sirius, Infinity Broadcasting in San Fransisco - 1550 KYCY. which has received more than 200 podcasts, plans to dedicate an AM channel to podcasting.

Curry's unedited voice show from London will also include advertisements and its targeted audience of MP3 users range from 18 - 34 years of age.

In my opinion, podcasting technology has gained popularity amongst MP3 users with a wider choice of downloads from several sources. Nevertheless, Netanel Jacobsson (2006) maintains that most of the podcasts lack an entertaining voice or good sound quality. He feels that the criteria required to make a good podcast is:

  • An interesting, engaging and entertaining voice
  • Humour
  • An interesting subject

Advertisements are a source of revenue return for podcasters' investments in programmes. The credibility of advertisements is questionable. Frank Koehntopp (2006) commented that the Podshows Earthlink Commercials are 'too crappy' to listen to. Apart from a gullible voice, the contents of the commercials are purely unbelievable and incredible.

In general, the innovation of podcasting is essential for people on the move. It enables downloads for entertainment and news updates which the listeners can access at leisure.

I am against the idea of podcasts being so readily available to the public. The targeted audience may range from the age of 18 to 34, but what these broadcasters fail to realise is that nowadays many youths, well below the age of 18, are MP3 users as well. The youths could easily access these unedited and uncensored shows, thus exposing them to undesirable influences. When something is made readily available for public access, I believe there ought to be some censorship involved. This is based on my experience upon observation of several youths in my neighbourhood being pampered by parents who readily meet their demands but are unable to monitor their activities. This lack of supervision of these youths make them vulnerable to adverse influences.

Web users aren't about to forsake the printed page

The author in this article argues that the internet will not kill the newspaper as more people are reliant on the latter to obtain further information on news.

The website New Matilda, led by John Menadue, a former government official and ex general manager of News Limited, concluded in its research, designed by Rod Cameron of ANOP, that besides reading its online reports, its subscribers do regularly read at least two newspapers and other publications to obtain more information on news of interest.

Its aim:

  • Generate ideas and initiatives to help understand the government's system.
  • Drift its audience from sinking into homogenised news and opinions, using its liberal voice.
  • Broaden the mindset of subscribers on democratic issues and the selfish society.
The research revealed that people use the internet as an additional resource to gather information and not as an alternative to newspapers.

I do agree that the newspapers will never be obsolete amongst internet users. The internet news does not contain as much information as compared to the newspapers which are more elaborate and detailed on news reports. The internet carries only about 50% information than that of the newspaper. The newspaper is portable, mobile and can be re-read, unlike the internet, which requires a connection with a service provider to access news reports and is not portable.

I travel abroad extensively and the only means of receiving home news is through the internet, which only covers important news in brief. In order to retrieve the entire contents of an interesting or important story, I still rely on back-dated newspapers on my return. It strains my eyes to be hooked onto the internet for an extended period and lack of concentration is inevitable.

Thus, people's reliance on print media for information will never cease.

Reference List
  1. Belson, K, 2005, 'An MTV host moves to radio, giving voice to audible blogs', in The New York Times, 2 May 2005. n.p. in Document Design & Publication Reading Material, Reading 11, University of S. Australia.
  2. Day, M, 2005, 'Web users aren't about to forsake the printed page', in The Australian, 14 April 2005, p.22 in Document Design & Publication Reading Material, Reading 15, University of S. Australia.
  3. Digital Life, 14 February 2006, 'Isabelle Dinoire, the Frenchwoman with the world's first face transplant, unveiled her new visage last week: blogosphere', p.14.
  4. Digital Life, 21 February 2006, 'As Singapore idol fever hits town, star wannabes moan, gripe or sing a praise on their blogs: blogosphere', p. 18
  5. Koehntopp, F, 2006, That Stupid Earthlink Commercial, updated 22 February 2006, viewed on 24 February 2006.
  6. Jacobsson, N, 2006, Why I Love Podcasts, updated 19 February 2006, viewed on 24 February 2006.


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Reflection on the process of creating the weblog and the skills acquired

Initially, I had no idea how to create a weblog. However, with Blogger's user-friendly features, I managed to set up a basic weblog. In order to make the weblog look more interesting and attractive, I made use of textbooks on HyperText Markup Language (HTML) from the library.

As a result, I have now familiarised myself with the use of HTML.

Theoretical positions I have taken

Through this assignment, I have realised and learnt that there is an avenue to post suggestions and receive feedback from fellow bloggers on my opinions and ideologies.

Standpoint I have taken as a Blogger

Before this assignment, the idea of blogging had never crossed my mind. There had been a lot of media hype about blogging and the controversy some of these bloggers created, but I had never really had much of an interest in the issue.

Now, however, after having taken a look at some of the more interesting blogs and having one myself, I think there is a lot to be learnt from blogs and bloggers.

Whether a blog is about the blogger's personal life or based on certain topics such as art or politics, it is a wonderful opportunity to see the world through someone else's eyes. Such opportunities are hard to come by, since we are always so busy with our own lives.

Likewise, I believe I have a lot to offer as a blogger. It is always interesting to share your thoughts with others and see what they have to say about them. That being said, after this assignment is over, I might even have a personal blog of my own.

Therefore, the standpoint I have taken as a Blogger is informal.


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